Releasing Victim Consciousness: Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs

article emotional freedom techniques (eft) tapping life training Feb 19, 2021

     Today I want to talk about something I run into a lot with students. I bet a lot of you will relate to this. A client will be describing some horrible situation in their life. We will be trying to tap it out, going deep into their past, making all sorts of connections and discoveries, but somehow, the issue remains. As I listen to their dialogue around it, however, it becomes evident that there are hidden beliefs holding everything in place. These beliefs do not show up as overt statements. They're present through the words they select to describe their problems and their body language as they're talking. But the biggest place I see them is in the questions they ask themselves when they're processing their pain.

When you are trying to process your suffering, do you ever find yourself asking questions like:

"Why am I like this?"

"Why does this type of thing have to happen?"

"Why does this always happen to me?"

If you pay close attention, can you see the hidden assumptions in those questions? It's not a vague issue. These questions are actually veiled statements. Specifically, you're telling yourself

"I am like this." 

"This type of this has to happen."

"This will always happen to me."

What I usually say at that point is that you are asking the wrong questions. Your brain is not going to disagree with you. That's not its nature. It will simply pull from its databanks to try to answer your question and justify why that statement is true. In other words, to ask these questions is to ask the brain to help you reinforce what is wrong.

Instead, try this question:

"How is this maybe all ok?"

Now, your brain will start searching its databanks for examples of how this is either not really a problem or is in the process of resolving itself.

This is a simple shift that makes a huge difference. Try this practice today. I think you will find you feel a lot better and you suddenly have the flexibility to make new breakthroughs in your Clinical EFT Tapping.


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