Preparing for Change: Making Room for the New You

article emotional freedom techniques (eft) tapping life training Feb 24, 2021

The Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as EFT or Tapping, can quickly remove the charge off a lifetime of traumatic experiences. These traumas are often directing your understanding of your life and what’s possible for you. Lifting the charge off these traumas means you can now move in a new direction…but you still have to move. EFT can transform you as a person, but you need to make room for that new person to emerge.

Nature abhors a vacuum. That blank feeling you feel after some EFT sessions, after a huge part of your identity has lost its charge, needs to be carefully replaced. Many sessions address this by filling that space with some vague positive life-affirming tapping. It’s better than nothing, but I consider it a bit of missed opportunity.

Lasting change requires some preparation. Have you taken the time to really figure out who you want to be? If you haven’t, a momentary round of positive tapping is not going to fill that hole for long. When we create a hole, life fills it. Your whole system will just rearrange itself into whatever feels like the most stable reformation. But what if you had a plan in place, a bracing beam that places a few conditions on how life is allowed to rearrange.


  1. Take one of your biggest issues. This should be something that you suffer over almost daily, something that has been around so long, you don’t know who you are without it.
  2. Get out a pen and paper and journal on the following:
    1. What areas of my life does this issue touch?
    2. What would my life look like without this issue? How would I wake up in the morning? What would work be like? What would my relationships be like? What would this feel like? What issues would still remain?
    3. From everything I wrote down above, what are the core practices that I could do every day to remind myself that I have made this change? Write down the core actions that wouldn’t exist if you hadn’t let go of this issue.
  3. Now you have a plan. Do your tapping sessions to dive deep into the moments that created this issue and work as long as you have to until this issue releases. This can be anywhere from a single session to several sessions depending on your readiness to see its core.
  4. Once you have tapped this out. Implement the practices you came up with from 2.c. into your life. Hold those practices sacred. Do them whether you have time or not. When you find yourself resisting, make that the topic of your EFT tapping.


If you really put yourself through this process, you can make massive changes in your life and, with a little skill, it doesn’t even have to hurt. There are gentle roads through all of this. If you are working on something truly sensitive, working with a coach can make a big difference. We have gentle techniques to keep you on the right side of your comfort threshold. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but then, they didn’t have access to EFT. I bet it could have been a lot faster and a lot more comfortable.  


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